• Sana Hoshimori

    Sakura's Actresses' Profiles

    Born on the 21st of January

    From Akita

    Hobby: Talking, Singing, Watching anime and anime songs

    Stage debut on April, 2016, chosen to be a heroin, Aoi, in "As if it rains in the space" (theater711) . Played an active role as a voice actress on "Ore Tower ~Over Legend Endless~", and as a CM narration on "Lavyrinth in the wonder land". Also appeared in the TV CM of PlayStation4/PlayStation Vita "Exist Archive". Mainly as a voice actress and a singer, challenging on various genre.

  • Rena Tanigishi

    Sakura's Actresses' Profiles

    Born on the 7th of July

    From Tokyo

    Skill: Hip Hop Dance, Jazz Hip Hop Dance

    Joins the entertainment field after passing the Stardust entertainment first model audition in 2013. Screen debut in the movie "Clover" (Director Furusawa Takeshi) 2014. Also appears in "Souon" (Director Tsutomu Sekine), "Nou Shou Sakuretsu Girl" (Director Yuichi Abe), "Ikareteiru?" (Director Michihiro Takeutchi). Also, appears in CMs and Music Videos as a model. This is going to be her first appearance on stage performance.

  • Moeno Nitou

    Miyabi's Actresses' Profiles

    Born on the 22nd of July, From Tokyo

    Hobby: Camera, French

    Debut as a AKB48 5th term, April 2008. Came second place in Janken competition in 2012, graduated AKB48 after 5 years. Played an active role as an actress, such as a role of Wendy in the musical "Peter Pan". Holds 4th dan in Calligraphy, and won a Calligraphy Teppen in "TEPPEN" FujiTV.

  • Karen Iwata

    Miyabi's Actresses' Profiles
    Karen Iwata

    Born on the 13th of May, From Miyagi

    Hobby: Watching movies, stages, live comedy

    Passed as a learner in an audition of AKB48 12th term. Got promoted to team A at the youngest age of 13 in March, the next year. Got selected as a member of the 26th single, "Manatsu no Sounds good!!" Graduated AKB48 in March, 2016. Appeared in the movie "The Magnificent Nine", on the stage "Danganronpa THE STAGE", etc.

  • Misato Matsuda

    Miyabi's Actresses' Profiles
    Misato Matsuda

    Born on the 13th of January, From Tokyo

    Hobby: Walk-and-eat, Muscle training

    Mainly on stage, but also appears on TV, movies and CM. On the stage, appeared in the musical "CoCo smile 2", "Annie" etc. from childhood. Recently, appeared in the musical "Mates, over the cathode", "GO,JET!GO!GO Series", stage "Sengoku Kourin Girl Series" and also choreographs dances. Also appeared on TV "Hanawake 4 siblings", "Onsen Secret Daisakusen! Part 12", movie "BRAVE HEARTS Umizaru", and CM "HITO-Communications".

  • Miu Hoshina

    Choco's Actresses' Profiles
    Miu Hoshina

    Born on the 11th of March, From Saitama

    Hobby: Singing, playing volleyball, Swimming

    Appeared on the stage "Trains for tomorrow, star filled ocean tonight", and played a heroin on the stage "Juliet" produced by Space Engine Company in 2016. Movies are coming up, "Matchibouke" this autumn, "Kyo no Kira-kun" in February 2017. Expected to play an active role on stages, movies and MVs. Also has a talent in swimming as a hobby and holds a swimming aptitude test grade semi-1.

  • Ayumi Takamune

    Choco's Actresses' Profiles
    Ayumi Takamune

    Born on the 10th of June, From Tokyo

    Skill: Dancing, Swimming, Playing Koto

    Appeared on stages "Koisuru Priority Seat", "Anne", "Teekyu", "Jikudo revival" "DIABOLIK LOVERS", musical "Nintama Rantaro", "Kamisama Kiss THE MUSICAL", and many more. Also appeared on radios and events as a manager of Monster Hunter Official Fan Club "Monhan club".

  • NatsunA

    Rin's Actresses' Profiles

    Born on the 22nd of June, From Tokyo

    Hobby: Stage combat, Classical Japanese dance, Dancing, Baton

    Joined a baton twirling club in high school and started dancing in University. After graduate, working as a model, also started to learn musical and stage combat, grew up to be a stage actress that can also play a role in samurai drama. Appeared on the stage "Yajikita!" in 2014, played a role of Okita Souji, a member of Shinsengumi. In 2016, appeared in "Kondo ha Aisaika". Belongs to Japanese performance "Hatenkouro" embodiment team and in charge of dance and stage combat. A daughter of former Seibu Lions coach, Haruki Ihara.

  • Ai Takahashi

    Rin's Actresses' Profiles
    Ai Takahashi

    Born on the 5th of June, From Tokyo

    Hobby:Singing, Watching Stages, Cooking, Playing the piano, Playing the Shamisen, Sewing, Art and craft

    Learned classic ballet from 4 years old, inspired by it, learned many styles of dances such as jazz dance, classic Japanese dance and etc. Entered Waseda University in 2004, studied mathematical science in the science and engineering department. While she is at the university, entered the Shiki Theatre Company. Made her stage debut as a Teresita in the “West Side Story” in 2007, afterwards performed in many musicals such as “Beauty and the Beast”, “Aida” and etc. After leaving the company, working as a certified weather forecaster, extended her activity in the field of dancing and playing on stages. Takahashi studied classic Japanese dance under Midori Nishizaki, and stage combat under Naruto Shigemi.

  • Mayuka Sano

    Setsuna's Actresses' Profiles
    Mayuka Sano

    Born on the 18th of January, From Tokyo

    Graduated Showa College of Music, musical department and won a special prize. Started learning classic ballet from 3 years old, and belonged to Nerima Children Chorus Soprano from 7 years old. While in chorus, took part not only in regular concert, but also in recording teaching materials CD and Opera. Also learned jazz dance, tap dance, hip hop, chanson from 13 years old. After the graduate, played an active role in the Broadway musical "Spelling B", and in The Entertainment Prison "Never Land", "The Life of an Amorous Man " etc.

  • Miku Takahashi

    Setsuna's Actresses' Profiles
    Miku Takahashi

    Born on 15th of May, From Miyagi

    Hobby: Watching sports, Sleeping, Eating

    Spend childhood in America. After coming back to Japan, started to learn piano and got attracted to the world of music. Got a great influence by Hikaru Utada, who she met in this period. Started a band vocal in high school, and won a first prize in Miyagi Prefecture Band Competition. Experienced ZEPP SENDAI and stage performance in Miyagi Kenmin Hall. Came to Tokyo for university, started a band "LapisLazuli" and released an album. After breakup in 2014, mainly working in a keyboard vocal unit "Ateliemo".

  • Rena Yamashita

    Setsuna's Actresses' Profiles
    Rena Yamashita

    Born on the 7th of February, From Kanagawa

    Hobby: Playing the piano, singing and Disney

    Graduate from Senzoku Gakuen College of Music, Musical Course. While in college, experienced school performances many times. On January, 2011 played "The fascinating musical gala concert" for Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra. After graduated, performed 「Heidi, Girl of the Alps 」 in 2013 for Mitsukoshi theater「Goku」in 2013 for Mitsukoshi theater, in 2014 for Local performances, family musical「Sleeping Beauty」in 2015 for Tohsho Theater. Currently takes part in activities with her talented voice such as the live performance at live bars.

Cast performing schedule of “Spirit of Shiki”.

Performance of Haruka Ishida, role of Miyabi has ended.


  • Atsuko
  • Shiho
  • Atsumi
  • Saya
  • Yukiko
  • Ryoko


  • Momoko
  • HitoMin
  • Chisato
  • Yukie
  • Shino
  • Ayaka
  • Mika
  • Asuka
  • Mami
  • Mami
  • Yuka
  • Hinako
  • Mao
  • Arisa
  • Misato
  • Kanako
  • Yuki-1

Japanese Music

  • Japanese drumTen Takagi
  • Ru Egami
  • Michiko Tsukimura
  • Nanase
  • Rin Matoba
  • Hanako Imada
  • Tsugaru-jamisenMisao Habu
  • Saki Saito
  • Hikari Shirafuji
  • Kanami Takeda
  • Reika Matsuhashi
  • Japanese bamboo fluteTomoko Takeda
  • Naomi Koizumi
  • Michiko Yamada
  • Etsuko Miyakawa
  • Yukiko Funada
  • KotoMiho Yoshiba
  • Miwa Naito
  • Sosei Hanaoka
  • Tsugumi Yamamoto
  • Yoko Hihara

Renjishi -Kabuki

  • Sennosuke Wakatsuki
  • Ryo Wakatsuki
  • Keijiro Wakayagi
  • Ryuyo Kawamoto
  • Sakurako Nishizaki


  • Stage managerMakoto Tada
  • PlaywrightAWAJI
  • Performance designer and choreographerTammy Lyn
  • Aerial acrobat choreographerAtsumi Matsubayashi
  • Western music supervisorTouen Hibiki
  • Stage combat instructorKenichiro Inoue
  • Japanese dance instructorWakayumi Hanayagi
  • SystemKatsumi Kurata
  • Lighting designerToshiyuki Narita
  • Costume supervisorSetsuko Ishida
  • Costume operationJunko Shino
  • Costume producerEiko
  • Hairstyling and makeupAkira Yamazaki
  • Wig producerEiko Komiya
  • Character designerFuzi choco
  • Character song producerYashikin
  • Character song supervisorChuya Ito
  • Video director and supervisorTakayuki Baba
  • Video producerYasuhiro Sato
  • CG directorShusuke Osanai
  • CG directorJunpei Takahashi
  • CG directorNaofumi Yamamoto
  • OP video producerKen Arima
  • Stage video producerTakeshi Dewa
  • Stage video producerJunpei Mukai
  • Video technical directorNobuyuki Shintani
  • Video operatorMiyuki Komuro
  • Video operatorNatsumi Saito
  • Video operatorSairi Aoyagi
  • Music directorRyo Miyake
  • Music producerMasaya Imoto
  • Sound engineerTakashi Okano
  • Sound designerAkio Aoyama
  • Sound operatorNoriyuki Yuasa
  • Sound operatorMisa Tsuchiya
  • Direct departmentKameyatouzaisha Co., Ltd.
  • Direct departmentStage Work URAK Co., Ltd.
  • Direct assistantShiho Tsukagoshi
  • Choreography assistantNaO
  • Construction cooperatorYosuke Yamamoto
  • Stage set/light/soundMeijiza butai Co., Ltd.
  • Small setFujinami-Kodougu Co., Ltd.
  • CostumeRakuya
  • CostumeC-dash Co., Ltd.
  • Costume cooperatorShouchiku Costume
  • Costume cooperatorATELIER HINODE
  • WigOkumatsu Katsura
  • Video equipmentPrism Co., Ltd.
  • Sound equipmentSHOCHIKU SHOW BIZ STUDIO Inc.
  • Special effect equipmentGIMMICK Co., Ltd.
  • Animation ProducerStudio DEEN Co., Ltd.
  • DirectorKoichiro Sohtome
  • Animation character designerNobuaki Shirai
  • Animation directorYae Otsuka
  • Animation produce cooperatorHOBBY JAPAN Co., Ltd.
  • Video producerIntegral Vision Graphics.,inc
  • Japanese music producerRhythmic CIB Itd.
  • Character song producerF.M.F
  • PV producerL+A Co., Ltd.
  • Video application producerEvixar Inc.
  • Executive producerJunichi Kitamura
  • Executive producerHidemi Fukuhara
  • General producerMitsumasa Mita

  • Chief producerToshiya Seki
  • Production producerMasaru Toda
  • Production producerMaiko Haga
  • Work assistanceYukiharu Marutomi
  • ProductionMeijiza Co., Ltd.
  • Strategic partnerMitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.
  • Co-productioneplus Inc.
  • Supported byArts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)